TitleColor of the Ocean
Release Date2011
Directed ByMaggie Peren
Actors/ActressesAlex Gonzalez, Sabine Timoteo, Hubert Kounde, Friedrich Mucke, Nathalie Poza
Movie Studiounknown
Duration97 minutes

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Watch Color of the Ocean online HD for free today without download or surveys. For your information, the movie was released in 2011 and received 62 score from viewers. Movie genres are Drama and rated as R movie. Produced by studio unknown and its running time is around 97 minutes.

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Movie Summary:
After years working as a border patrolman, Jose has developed a salty crust of cynicism about his work, which places him in a position to decide the fates of many. Jose's weary attitude is put to the test when he encounters Nathalie, a German tourist assisting a boatload of refugees she discovered landing on the Canary shores. One of those people, a Congolese man named Zola, is placed in an internment camp. Much to the objections of her husband Paul, Nathalie tries to help him escape. Yet Zola and his son Mamadou eventually find themselves in yet another precarious situation, in which they are dependent on nefarious smugglers.

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