TitleThe Naked Spur
Release Date1953-02-01
Directed ByAnthony Mann
Actors/ActressesJames Stewart, Janet Leigh, Robert Ryan, Ralph Meeker, Millard Mitchell
Movie StudioMGM Home Entertainment
Duration91 minutes

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Watch The Naked Spur online HD for free today without download or surveys. For your information, the movie was released in 1953 and received 75 score from viewers. Movie genres are Western and rated as R movie. Produced by studio MGM Home Entertainment and its running time is around 91 minutes.

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Movie Summary:
Howard Kemp is a bounty hunter who's been after killer Ben Vandergroat for a long time. Along the way, Kemp is forced to take on a couple of partners, an old prospector named Jesse Tate and a dishonorably discharged Union soldier, Roy Anderson. When they learn that Vandergroat has a $5000 reward on his head, greed starts to take the better of them. Vandergroat takes every advantage of the situation sowing doubt between the two men at every opportunity finally convincing one of them to help him escape.

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