TitleAlvarez Kelly
Release Date1966-01-01
Directed ByEdward Dmytryk
Actors/ActressesWilliam Holden, Richard Widmark, Janice Rule, Patrick O'Neal, Victoria Shaw
Movie StudioSony Pictures Home Entertainment
Duration116 minutes

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Watch Alvarez Kelly online HD for free today without download or surveys. For your information, the movie was released in 1966 and received 62 score from viewers. Movie genres are Western and rated as R movie. Produced by studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and its running time is around 116 minutes.

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Movie Summary:
Suave Mexican cattleman Alvarez Kelly has little interest in the Civil War except to make some money. But after a long drive to deliver cattle to the Unionists he finds himself kidnapped by Confederate Colonel Tom Rossiter. With his hungry troops surrounded in Richmond the Colonel intends, one way or the other, to persuade Kelly to help steal the herd and move it into town.

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